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Lease Termination Consulting & Lease Breaking Advice

Lease Relief is the best free way to get assistance with any residential leasing matter. We specialize in helping tenants who need to break their lease and move early.

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Lease Break Services

There are many reasons for you, the tenant, to consider breaking your lease or subletting:

  • Unit size
  • Occupation change or relocation
  • Travel
  • Neighborhood change, school districts
  • Family matters
  • Personal finance
  • Purchasing a property
  • Dissatisfaction with property owner or management
  • Share situations

Overview of Services

Lease Relief offers a comprehensive array of services to address almost any residental leasing need. Find out more about our services

  • Lease break consulting
  • Sublet consulting
  • Legal lease review
  • Security deposit return services
  • Finding a replacement tenant
  • Marketing a rental property
  • Finding a subletter
  • Landlord issues

Residential Rental Resources

Residential leasing issues for which Lease Relief has resources and services:

  • General Tenants Rights Guide
  • Subletting or subleasing an apartment
  • Negligent landlord, owners or property manager
  • Security deposits
  • Infestation
  • Roommate issues
  • Evictions
  • Heat and Hot Water
  • Attorney referral

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Rights of tenants

For the average resident, figuring out the rental rights you have as a tenant and the rights the owner has as a landlord can be tricky. Each state has completely different rules, statutes, legislations and laws regarding tenants rights when leasing or renting. Working out where you stand in your current leasing situation can be a daunting experience. But luckily, the experts at Lease Relief are always available to help.

From helping you to identify your tenant rights to advising you on approaching the subject of assignment, subletting and buying out your lease with your landlord, the break lease team at Lease Relief are on hand at each critical point to ensure you stay within the law during the lease break process. Don't get overwhelmed by the lease termination process - get in touch with Lease Relief for free expert advice on breaking a lease on your apartment, house, condo or any housing property.

Breaking a lease

From a new job role in a different state to a breach in the rental agreement or a short-term sublet while you're on vacation, there are many reasons why you might need to break a lease with your current landlord. While breaking a lease is a viable option, it's worth remembering that it can be quite a complex process in terms of staying in line with the code of practice and legislation of each specific state - that's why it's important to get the best advice from the very beginning.

The professional team at Lease Relief have years of experience in the break lease industry so are experienced in handling all kinds of housing lease issues including breaking a lease on under market properties, market properties and over market properties. Whether you need help to approach your landlord to discuss your break lease options or your landlord has already agreed to a new assignment and you need to find new tenants to rent your apartment, Lease Relief offers a friendly, professional service for all of the processes involved in breaking a lease.

New York lease laws

If you need to break a lease in New York then it is vital you speak to the experts at Lease Relief who know the New York lease laws inside and out. Experienced in breaking leases on all kinds of properties in New York State including houses, apartments and farmhouses, Lease Relief can help to guide you through each of the New York lease laws and rules and will take the time to explain how they apply to you as an individual housing tenant.

No matter the issue: negligent landlord, heating issues, infestation, eviction or roommate issues, Lease Relief can help you address any problem, including breaking your lease in New York. Professional, down-to-earth and extremely knowledgeable, Lease Relief is here to ensure you are treated fairly and sensibly during the New York break lease process - plus we will work hard to minimize any monetary loss you might encounter during the rental negotiation period and will do everything we can to ensure you get your security deposit back at the end of the lease negotiations.

New York lease service

No matter where you are in the lease break or sublet process, it is crucial to consult a NY lease specialist, like Lease Relief, to ensure you stay within the NY lease regulations, laws and statutes at all times. From maintaining a professional relationship with your current landlord to locating and qualifying new apartment tenants for assignment, the NY lease service provided by Lease Relief is an exclusive, specialty service designed to make breaking your NY lease as easy and trouble-free as possible.

Created to protect you as an individual housing tenant, our NY lease service has been designed to offer something to everyone - whether that is free advice on subletting, buying out your lease, or helping you out in a professional capacity with the processes involved in a NY lease assignment such as marketing the property, refreshing the apartment and negotiating final contracts. In addition to offering an intimate NY lease service, Lease Relief can also offer you a free referral to a professional New York real estate attorney should you wish to follow any alternative legal routes. To discuss your NY lease break options or for more information on New York lease laws, get in touch with the helpful team at Lease Relief today.

Lease Relief’s consulting and resources are free, however there may come a time when an attorney is needed to assist a tenant in pursuing all their legally available options. If an attorney is required to achieve a tenant’s needs, Lease Relief also offers free referrals to licensed real estate attorneys and other real estate professionals.

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